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Posted on 7 months ago

 RVM beads mission is to bring you a well organized and easy to use site filled with information and inspiration. We want to share our love for beading and help you to discover the joy of creating handmade jewelry. For those who aren’t in the “know”, You can create beautiful gifts for friends and family with RVM beading starter kits. RVM beads have a vast amount of completely luring beads for you to play with. 

Purchase beads, findings, and materials in-store to your own completely different design. The possibilities are endless just use your imagination. While pre-composed kits can be convenient they are not always the most cost-effective choice unless you like and plan to use all the beads included in the kit so not only is having the right beading materials necessary but picking out beads is also one of the most fun things of getting into jewelry making and developing your own unique styles. Necessary beading materials for beginners include a variety of glass, plastic and wooden beads, beading wires, memory wires, beading needles, threads. There are many benefits to learning how to make your own jewelry. First and foremost it is fun! It’s a hobby that allows you to express your creativity in an enjoyable and relaxing way. We have all you need to create your own unique and fascinating jewelry designs. 

All you need is some spare time. Everything else you can purchase at our bead shop and always remember “the right tool will always get the job done right!” 

By Lesley K Mariwo

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